There is a scarcity of Hindi print media for kids especially when you are not based in India. Kids solely rely on Hindi textbooks. To inculcate interest in Hindi, it is important that kids read Hindi other than text books as well. Here are some of resources that HindiConnect recommends for kids who are based abroad and do not have access to Hindi comics and magazines.


Pratham Books: These are the best resources we found for kids. You can download e-books from –


Flipbooks from Eklavya: These are best for kids in primary section, who do not want to read lengthy books.


Flipbooks from Chakmak: These are meant for kids who are in upper primary or lower secondary. The format is more verbose with few pictures. It has interesting sections that would instill interest in kids. Check out flip books –


Flipbooks from Balhans: These have variety of kids content and is available online. You can increase the browser viewing to read the full page –


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As a mother, how do you select a Hindi teacher? Intuitively,  you would be looking for some level of Hindi proficiency and teaching qualification in Hindi teacher. Now the reality check, once you hire a qualified Hindi teacher, check if –
  • she motivates your child and instills love for Hindi
  • she is making Hindi creative materials, learning plans, academic goals and remedial goals
  • she is addressing child vocabulary challenges, sentence formation challenges, and composition challenges in her Hindi classes
  • she is just asking child to practice assessment sheet every day or intervening with a plan to fix basic errors of language
  • she knows how to address problems related to non-native learner like sentence formation
The dangerous ones would be stating problems of kids and not helping you solve it.
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