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Welcome To HindiConnect

HindiConnect specializes in non-native pedagogy i.e. gaining mastery in Hindi where it is not a spoken widely.
Our materials and classes specialize in blending sentence formation, vocabulary, composition with the academics.


A combination of academic and remedial Hindi for those who have Hindi at school. Academic Hindi helps in acceleration and remedial Hindi addresses the problem areas that kids are facing.


If you are an adult and looking to learn Hindi at your own pace, HindiConnect offers certificate and customized classes. Hindi teachers are native speakers and are trained.


Our online video lessons allow you to learn at your own pace with narrated lessons, quiz-based assessments and immediate test results.

Hindi Learning With A Difference


The classes are held online via formal web-conferencing tool. Class is equipped with audio, video and whiteboard. These are live classes with audio and video interaction with teacher.

Holistic learning

There is no one way to learn a language. It needs to be heard, spoken, written and read. With HindiConnect, now learners can learn Hindi holistically.


HindiConnect teachers are trained to teach learners from regions where Hindi is not widely spoken. They are patient and work towards goal with you.

Value add

Other than one to one online class, learners are given material help in between classes to practice Hindi. These in form of worksheets, audio and video.